This website is dedicated to the study and history of beautiful ancient Persian artifacts. Persia, modern day Iran, has a very rich and extensive culture. During classical antiquity, the Persians gave rise to the Archaemenid, Parthian and the Sassanian dynasties. All of which contributed and influenced modern civilization.


Luristan Bronze Artifacts

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The term “Luristan” references bronze artifacts made by a society of semi-nomadic people that once lived in the mountainous region of Northwest Iran known as the Lurs. These bronze artifacts can be dated back to the 3rd Millenium BC, and they include highly decorative horse bits, ceremonial containers, garment pins, hair pins, bracelets, pendants, human and animal figurines, belt buckle, axes, swords and more.


It is theorized that the Luristan Bronzes were crafted by the earliest existence of the Median Empire but this has never been proven, as written records of the Medes have not survived. The Medes were Indo-Iranian people originally from central Asia who settled in Northwest Iran in the 9th Century BC and later defeated the Assyrian Empire in 614 BC. Their success is short-lived and their empire, which once stretched from Central Iran to the Persian Gulf and Anatolia, was overrun in 550 BC by the Persians.


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